Does Halotherapy Work for Allergies?

What exactly are allergies? 

When the body comes in contact with abnormal substances, it can trigger responses to fight off the substance such as coughing or sneezing. These triggers are what contribute to what we consider to be allergic reactions. Many allergen triggers are very hard to avoid, as we come in contact with them frequently in our daily lives. Some of these allergens include food-based products such as various nuts, dairy, and even eggs. Not all allergens are food-based, as some of them are found outdoors; common outdoor allergens include tree pollen, various bugs, animal fur or feathers, and some people may even be sensitive to different types of grass. When people who are considered to be “hypersensitive” become exposed to these allergens, their immune systems immediately go to work by releasing a chemical called histamine. As this chemical is released, it causes the body to have a reaction; which creates symptoms frequently referred to as allergies. Anyone who suffers from allergies is no stranger to the torment they can bring. Torment including but is not limited to stuffy noses, congestion, runny nose, and even irritation in the eyes can stick around for weeks at a time. As if having to suffer through these symptoms wasn’t enough, the aftermath of severe allergies can include chronic headaches caused by sinusitis, nausea, or in severe cases may cause a deviated septum which will need surgery to repair. It may seem impossible to find relief during these dark times. But, what if we told you there’s a natural remedy, that may not only take away your symptoms but simultaneously boost your immune system! Here’s the kicker — you don’t even have to have a prescription.

What is it you may ask?

The magic remedy we have for you is Halotherapy. Also commonly referred to as salt therapy, halotherapy has grown to be increasingly popular over the years. Halotherapy also is used to target symptoms varying from patient to patient. Symptoms believed to be relieved by halotherapy include asthma, bronchitis, and even mental illnesses like depression. Here’s a little more about why halotherapy is believed to help alleviate allergy symptoms.

Reduced Inflammation

Coughing and sinus congestion are some of the most common tell tales of allergies. When airways become irritated inflammation can occur causing a build-up of mucus and bacteria. This is where salt therapy comes in to work some magic. Halotherapy sessions are practiced within our pseudo salt caves; in which tiny microscopic particles of salt are released into the environment; creating a calm and relaxing aura. During the session, a special salt with a high mineral content is used, giving it the attributed anti-inflammatory component. As you inhale these microparticles of salt, it begins to work its salty magic-or in this case science.  Once the salt finds its way into the body, the reduction of inflammation begins. The salt works its way into the respiratory system; where it allows airways to open aiding the expulsion of mucus and built-up bacteria.


Salt is no one-trick pony. Not only is it great at reducing inflammation,  but it’s also quite beneficial when it comes to disinfecting things. When bacteria find their way into our body that’s already fighting off allergies, it can be a recipe for a snotty disaster. Bacteria not only aids the growth of infection but can also agitate the immune system, worsening your symptoms. Once salt particles are introduced into the infected airway they not only begin working to eliminate the current bacteria but also work to reduce the growth and reproduction.

A Final Note 

Salt therapy is a wonderful option for not only alleviating symptoms associated with allergies but to help you relax and unwind as well. Our salt caves at The Salt Room Apopka were designed with a  vision inspired by the tranquility and natural beauty found within the salt caves of Europe. High levels of negative ions produced inside of our caves not only provide you with tranquility and relaxation but will simultaneously revitalize your immune system all while you sit back and enjoy your treatment.